Planning a Camp: Checklists

Camp PDF Checklists

For Church Camps:

Checklist: Church Camp Checklist: Church Camp (473 KB)

For School Camps:

Checklist: School Camp Checklist: School Camp (478 KB)

Checklist for Churches

1 Year Before Camp
  • Select the camp location and sign a contract. Be aware of financial penalties and minimum charges should you have to cancel.
  • Place the camp dates on the church/school calendar.
9 Months Before Camp
  • Carefully think through the ultimate goal or purpose of your camp.
  • Make sure you have a clear vision of what success looks like in writing.
  • Design your camp theme creatively. Brainstorm and then delegate this to an appropriate person or team.
  • Consider any promotional materials, including the registration brochure. Delegate this.
  • Consider all the costs and work out a camp budget. Delegate this.
  • Some churches work on "user pays". Some churches use a "voluntary donation" system. Some churches offer financial support for low income families.
  • Consider fund raising activities
3 Months Before Camp
  • Start promoting the camp to the church. Get brochures out. Mention it often in the newsletter. Encourage families to save for camp fees.
  • Start to detail out the camp programme activities and write down a detailed camp schedule. This can be brainstormed and delegated.
  • Consider arrangements for children's programmes. Arrange outside help if this is needed.
  • Touch base with the camp speaker and worship band to communicate the goals and theme as well confirm what their needs will be.
  • Touch base with the camp to make sure all plans are confirmed. Book instructed camp activities.
1 Month Before Camp
  • Get aggressive on gathering commitments, registration and payment for camp.
  • Use the weekly newsletter and or emails to increase the "buzz" about camp. Encourage prayer for God's spirit to move at camp.
  • Finalise the programme, including some contingencies for rain. Forward this to camp staff.
1 Week Before Camp
  • Finalise details with camp staff, e.g. final numbers, special diets
  • Gather up all the materials, prizes, games, musical instruments, sound gear etc
1 Week After Camp
  • Have testimonies during a church service or hold an after-camp service to consolidate the progress that has been made.
  • Thank the Lord for His blessings.