What We Do

Who We Are

New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) champions high quality recreation for the benefit of New Zealand.

What We Do

NZRA works at an agency, industry and professional level to build capability, develop partnerships, and equip individuals and organisations with the skills they need to deliver high quality recreation experiences that engage participants. Its vision is that in 2020 New Zealand has a strong recreation industry that meets the needs of current and future participants, so that through recreation, New Zealanders are active, healthy, and connected.

Governance Structure

NZRA is a charitable body governed by a national board of seven people. Four board positions are elected by the membership and three positions are appointed by NZRA's Board Appointments Panel.

The Association’s local networks and service delivery is governed by six regional committees. Separate advisory groups and committees have been established to support the development and delivery of NZRA's programmes.

NZRA Represents

NZRA works for the benefit of New Zealanders by building capability and networks within the recreation workforce, raising awareness of best practice, and advocating for the benefits of recreation, recreation investment and a highly skilled recreation workforce that meets the needs and expectations of participants. The recreation industry encompasses the people, places, organisations and processes that enable recreation experiences to occur. NZRA’s areas of focus, within this definition of the industry, are the parks and open space, community recreation, outdoors, aquatics, and facility-based recreation sectors.

NZRA Members

The New Zealand Recreation Association’s membership is made up of recreation policy makers, territorial local authorities, voluntary organisations, regional sports trusts and Department of Conservation employees. Other members include commercial leisure providers, recreation planners, facility managers, programme and event managers, community arts leaders, outdoor recreation businesses, and others involved in the delivery of recreation in New Zealand. Many members facilitate community recreation through the delivery of programmes and events. These help create environments which enhance community wellbeing, including after school programmes (OSCAR), programmes for people with disabilities, older adult programmes, holiday programmes and therapeutic rehabilitation programmes.




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