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Leaders-in-Training Biblical Teaching Programme is a 2 year training programme for your emerging leaders.

8 Modules, 4 Lessons per Module, 90 minutes per lesson.

Each 90 minute lesson uses activities, group interaction and examples of characters from the Bible to offer your young people the opportunity to meet and experience a living God who wants a living relationship with us. This material is designed to be the Biblical teaching component when training young leaders. If you would like to join the pilot phase and test the material, please contact Alicia here. Thanks to partnership with a trust, this Biblical teaching programme on life and leadership, written specifically for the NZ Camping Environment, will be made freely available to all member camps.

Feedback from participants in the October holidays:
How will what you have learned this week affect your life?

“I will be more confident in myself and my dreams for my future and more certain in my ability to grow as a leader.”

“That true authority is led by love and to be humble is to stand up for what is right.”

“I think that the sessions will impact on my life big time and the effect it would have is great.”

“I will be a better leader and maybe someday have my own LIT.”

Would you want other people to experience these LIT teaching times?  Yes!  Why?  Yes, because they were very helpful and fun at the same time.  Yes, it helps you understand a bit more about what God is doing in your life. Yes, because they will enjoy getting to know God better.