Shine is a solutions focused personal development program from Hillsong City Care in Sydney. Since its conception in 1997, Shine has been used globally by thousands of organisations in various settings including schools, refuges, ethnic and indigenous communities, religious groups, rural communities, correctional centres and girl's homes.

Foundational Concepts:

I have Worth!

Body and soul, I am wonderfully made

The focus for these sessions is for each girl to understand for themselves that they are valuable. Their uniqueness is something to celebrate and they have been wonderfully made  

I have Strength!

Choose life

These sessions explore the power of choice and the power that decisions have on shaping a person’s future. This is addressed through practical sessions about feelings, conviction, decision-making and problem-solving.  

I have Purpose!

I have a hope and a future

Purpose is examined through exploring personal hopes, dreams and desires. Goal setting, group discussions on potential and practical activities, including a dream collage and deportment are used to equip and build confidence to live out a purpose-filled adventurous life.

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