Flint & Steel is a bi-monthly publication of Christian Camp and Conference Association. Sometimes you need to ignite new ideas. Sometimes you just need a spark of a different way of seeing things. Flint & Steel was created for that purpose, and to keep you up-to-date on news from CCCA and from Christians around the US and world. Formerly, Thursday Mail, Flint & Steel is one more way we hope to help maximize ministry for our members.


We all love a good story around the campfire. That’s why CCCA loves to tell the powerful stories of campers’ experiences at our member camps and conference centers. We recognize that today’s generation lives in a noisy world constantly bombarded with images and messages that capture their attention and keep them distracted from the things that matter most. CCCA works hard to equip members to provide camp experiences that allow campers to escape their hectic everyday lives, to get a clearer picture of God’s love for them, and discover their purpose and passion through Him.

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