CCI Latin America is a source of continuing education in camps, outfitting, uniting and accompanying the Latin church for camps that transform the lives of the campers.


We believe that God gives you the opportunity to associate with a worthy ministry, that is making a difference in Latin America. International Christian Camps Latin America (CCIAL) has been serving the people of this region and trying to fulfill the Great Commission for almost 50 years. The Christian Camps Ministry provides a safe and spiritually rich environment, where people of all ages can receive the word of God, renew spirit and soul, and share in community.

Latin America is a region with many camps and people who work diligently in the service of God, often giving of their time as volunteers for this passion called "Christian Camps."Resources (financial, etc.) are not usually readily available to camps and associations in Latin America and help is needed. We would like to offer you the following help and support options


Latest update from  Bessy

Dear Friend, 

"I know that you are spiritual life is going well, I pray that you may a;sp enjoy good health. And i pray that everything else may go well with you"


3 John 1:2 (NIRV)

We hope you are dong good!

We want to express our gratitude to you and CCNZ. Thank you for your friendship, prayers and support that you give us during all of these years. You are part of our mission team in South america and all the achievement for his glory and his kingdom in Peru, Argentina and Paraguay

We remember you with much love, your kindness and  talks about Jesus' love. 

God Bless you


Love you Muchas Gracias

Tito and Bessy