International Workers

So you want to work in a camp in New Zealand?

Below is information on contacting camps & getting into New Zealand (for those from overseas). If you're wanting to look at job opportunities then check our CCNZ Jobs Forum.

  • There are many camps in NZ. More per head of population than anywhere else in the world.
  • Camps in NZ range in size from 50 to 400 persons and most campers are non-Christian children and young people
  • Camps would be mostly looking for overseas workers in our summer - November through to March
  • Camping life is busy and staff are expected to be involved in all aspects of camping - from cleaning , supervising activities, leading in children's holiday programmes and maybe cooking, painting, gardening. You are embarking on a commitment with a reasonably heavy workload.
  • Access in to NZ is restricted. I suggest you visit or write to your nearest New Zealand Embassy or High Commission or check out the NZ Government Immigration Page. Head to the "Work" section.
  • Look for "Working holiday schemes" 

If after you have looked at the information you receive on our work requirements you still wish to proceed with coming to New Zealand to work in a Christian Camp, you could take a look at the CCNZ member's sites. This will give you information on individual camps. You might like to approach individual camps direct or write to the CCNZ secretary including a CV and names of camps you would like the information passed on to. It is up to you to negotiate the details of your employment with the CCNZ camp. As you can see this process will take some time so allow plenty of time and be patient.

In the past many visitors and sponsor camps have gained much from the experience such as you are considering. For this reason we are keen to assist you and pray that the Lord will lead you to make the right decision as you work through the applications and find the right camp to work at. You may even consider working at two or three different sites, our country is not that large and transport is usually not a problem.