Break-Away School Holiday Programme overview

The Break-Away School Holiday Programme provides young people with an opportunity to attend fun, stimulating and structured school holiday programmes at no cost to participants. This programme is part of the Break-Away package of initiatives designed to expand holiday opportunities for young people who would not otherwise have access to them.

Key elements of the Break-Away School Holiday Programme

  • Break-Away funds 30,000 one-week school holiday programme places for young people aged 11–17 years each year.
  • The programmes started in January 2010 with 15,000 one-week places available in the six months to June 2010. This increased to 30,000 places available each year from July 2010.
  • Young people can refer themselves on the programme or they can be referred by parents or others in the community.
  • The programmes are available at no cost to participants. They provide daily activities over December, January and the Easter holiday period.
  • Any young person from the targeted communities is eligible to attend, regardless of parental income.

Programme overview

The programmes are tailored for the following age ranges: 11–13 years and 14–17 years. T iming and scheduling of the holiday programmes depends on the age range of the participants and activities being offered. There are three types of programmes:

  • Sport/physical activity based only
  • General activity programme
  • Combination of sport and general activities

Approximately half of the holiday programme places are intended to be for activity-focused programmes and the other half to include at least 60 minutes physical activity per day.


Christian Camping Involvement

Christian Camping facilitates the funding and management of Break-Away programmes in 4 different locations in the Far North which allows 1050 children over 3 years to attend a Break-Away programme.

They are:

  • Lonsdale Children – Kaitaia
  • Heart of the North - Kaikohe
  • Coopers Beach Youth Camp
  • Youth Zone Northland


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