New Zealand’s adventure activity sector is world-renowned and is an important contributor to our economy and our national identity.

It is imperative that New Zealanders, visitors and the adventure activities sector can be assured that all operators have sound safety practices.

The Health and Safety in Employment (Adventure and Activities) Regulations (2011) established a safety audit and registration process that is a key part of providing that assurance. The regulations aim to enhance professionalism and ensure consistent good practice across the sector.


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A Safety Management Plan is the written version of your safety systems. Its value is primarily determined by the amount of collective thinking that drives its content and the degree it is followed by everyone in your team. To be effective, it must be constantly reviewed and adjusted to reflect learnings from your own operation and the wider industry. A well considered and effective plan provides a key opportunity to reinforce your own commitment to safety.
Your plan needs to reflect industry good practice for running your activity.
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Although most of the content on the Worksafe website is focused on helping you to develop your plan, it is crucial to recognise that for your plan to be effective it must be supported by a positive safety culture.


A Positive Safety Culture
A positive safety culture is the principle on which all other safety aspects are founded. Driven and sustained by committed leaders, it is characterised by full buy-in to your systems and procedures, with every individual taking personal responsibility for the welfare of their visitors, other team members and themselves.
2015 Safety Systems Workshops


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Writing Your plan

 The ultimate purpose of your safety management system is to help avoid loss, injury or death. The process used to write your safety management plan (SMP) and safe operating procedures (SOPs), and how effectively you involve your team will make a huge difference to how well it achieves this goal.

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Sourced from the Worksafe Website June 2016